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About us

Grupo Ortiz today

GRUPO ORTIZ boasts more than 55 years of experience and as a Group is diversified across 5 Business Areas: Concessions, Energy, Construction, Services and Property.  Turnover for the Consolidated Group for 2015 reached 376.26 million euros and EBITDA was 41.22 million euros, which rises to 70.54 million euros when non-consolidated Concessions are taken into account.  The transformation of GRUPO ORTIZ in recent years has seen it go from a 100% domestic Construction Group in 2006 to a situation where domestic construction accounted for only 17% of the Group's turnover in 2015. This transformation has been achieved through an important process of diversification and internationalization. In this regard, it must be highlighted that 93% of sales in the Energy Area are international.

The Group's works portfolio amounts to 4.179 billion euros, which represents an increase of 36 % on 2014. Moreover, the International Works Portfolio has increased 106 % on the previous year. These increases are fundamentally based on the Areas of Concessions and Energy, along with the construction associated with the Concessions in Colombia and the ninth plant in Panama.

At international level, turnover for 2015 represented 46 % of total Group turnover, reaching sales of 172.48 million euros. A highlight was the awarding in Colombia, to a consortium in which GRUPO ORTIZ has 40% participation, for the Construction, Maintenance and Operation of the Sisga Transversal motorway, which represents an investment of 230 million euros and has a term of 25 years

During 2015, construction was completed on a 35 MW photovoltaic plant in Honduras. In addition, a contract was awarded for a 50 MW photovoltaic power plant in Chile and a high voltage line and substation in Mexico for the CFE.

In 2015, a syndicated loan agreement was signed for the sum of 120 million euros with the major domestic financial institutions. This Syndicated Loan sees GRUPO ORTIZ amortize short term debt, which is replaced by long-term debt, while also providing additional funding for corporate needs. The Syndicated Loan has also allowed the Group to reduce its finance costs.


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