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Business Units



Within the area of Concessions, Grupo Ortiz bases its activity on:

  • Roads and Railways: 118 km of highways currently in operation and 205 km of high-speed rail lines.  Grupo Ortiz, through its Colombian subsidiary, has, Grupo Ortiz, through its Colombian branch, has been awarded ad interim the private initiative concession “Ruta Caribe”.
  • Energy: 132.1 MW of renewable energy, all currently in operation and distributed as follows:
    • 13 MW Solar  photovoltaic plant in Guadalajara under contruction.
    • 50 MW Solar thermal plant in Córdoba 
    • 50 MW Wind farm in Almería
    • 32.1 MW in eight photovoltaic plants
    • Maintenance and upgrade of energy efficiency projects (public lighting networks)
  • Car parks: eight car parks (six in Madrid, one in Villalba and one in Zamora), 2,988 parking spaces, most recently opened in May, 2014 (downtown Madrid).
  • Environment: Wastewater Treatment Plant, currently in operation, Ribadeo.
  • Cultural and Sports Facilities: an operating cultural center in Valencia and a 5,000 m2 sports center in Mostoles (Madrid).
  • Service Station: Grupo Ortiz owns and manages a service station (REPSOL) in Vallecas (Madrid).

* Audited data Decembre 2016.


The Concessions area, which began in 2007, has provided a source of recurring and very predictable revenue.

Most of these concessions are operated by companies that have been developed for that specific purpose and do not fall within the consolidation statement of Grupo Ortiz.

Turnover and EBITDA of non-consolidated concessions account for 90% of total concessions.

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